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The difference between FUE en FUE CT

Sometimes comparisons are made between our FUE-CT method and other methods that are currently offered in the market, such as the standard FUE method or FUE Saffier. We think it is important that you are informed fairly and transparently.


That is why we would like to explain in this article why the FUE CT method that we have been using for many years now and with which we have treated thousands of clients, including Dutch celebs such as Lange Frans, Najib Amhali, Mr Polska and many others with great success, is the best and most efficient hair transplantation technique currently available in the market. Of course we do this without wanting to place other clinics or treatment methods in a bad light. This is not about storytelling! We prefer to let the facts speak for themselves.

The FUE CT hair transplantation method that Hairworld Istanbul introduced in 2015 and which it has been using since then with great success, was developed on the basis of extensive studies involving 180 people who had undergone a FUE transplant, many of whom had not achieved the desired result. The many recovery operations that Hairworld Istanbul carried out for these clients provided a number of important insights that led to the development of the completely renewed FUE CT technology. A number of unique success factors can be distinguished here that together ensure that the FUE CT technology stands head and shoulders above the other methods currently offered on the market.

Versatile and powerful through customization

One of the most important success factors is that FUE CT is based on 100% customization in all cases.

While the standard FUE technique, like most other methods, is based on a standard and uniform procedure, within the FUE CT technique there are no less than 30 different, unique protocols that were developed as a result of the many recovery

operations that Hairworld Istanbul performed. Each of these protocols offers a proven, surefire solution to the individual problems we have encountered over time, such as scalp problems, weak donor hairs, problems with the blood circulation of the scalp, an exhausted donor area and the most diverse other health problems. Regardless of our client’s situation, we are now able to perform a perfectly tailored treatment based on the correct protocol, tailored and accurate.

And in that we go much further than all other institutions. This may be apparent from the fact that we are even able to carry out recovery operations for customers who have already had three or four transplants and are are often at a loss.

A striking example of this is Edwin van Wooning, the director of the Dutch Hair Foundation who, before he came to us, had been treated five times at other institutes (3 x FUE technology, 1 x hair stem cell and 1 x Acell). Despite all those treatments, he still was not satisfied with the result. We managed to achieve that with our FUE CT technique. In a single recovery treatment! The same applies to Dean Saunders who had undergone no less than 5 stem cell treatments at another institute and was nevertheless still not satisfied. One recovery operation with our FUE CT method later he has a full head of hair again and he is very happy with the result.

Furthermore, the strength and versatility of the FUE CT technique is also evident from the fact that we are the only company in the market that has successfully treated a large number of people with frizzy hair, like Simone Kapel (link ), Lorenzo Elstak (link) and the famous football players Ruud Gullit (link) and Royston Drenth (link).

CTS: the key to improved blood circulation

The aforementioned studies that were conducted among 180 clients showed, among other things, that the disappointing results of hair transplants were often due to a weak blood circulation in the scalp.

To solve this problem, we developed CTS, or Circulation Treatment Stimulators, a unique, balanced formula of specific vitamins and minerals that are introduced into the scalp after treatment and that stimulate blood flow.

CTS has been specially developed by and for Hairworld Istanbul on the basis of a secret formula of which only we know the composition. The active substances in CTS are produced in Europe exclusively for Hairworld Istanbul and CTS also has an official injectable certificate for which Hairworld Istanbul is the sole registrant.

Thanks to the use of CTS, clients with weak blood circulation in their scalp can now also achieve good results, while CTS also ensures that the hair loss of existing hairs is curbed. The success of the treatment is of course partly determined by the choice of the right protocol that must be executed to perfection: from harvesting as many multigrafts as possible, leaving behind as few traces as possible, and determining the exact depth of the channels in which the harvested grafts are transplanted, up to and including finding the exact layer in the skin where the strongest blood circulation is located, so that the implanted grafts have the greatest possible chance of striking and growing. Everything must be done to perfection in order to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Ready in one go

A big advantage that our FUE CT treatment offers is that you are ready in one go. The most important reason for this is that we harvest up to 70% multi-grafts, so that we can achieve an optimum density of the transplanted hair. And that’s what makes the difference! Because in other clinics 3000 grafts are equal to only 3000 hairs, the same number of (multi) grafts at Hairworld Istanbul is equal to more than 8000 hairs.

Knowledge and expertise

Ultimately, the success of any method depends on the knowledge and skills of the people who implement it. The hair transplant experts who work at Hairworld Istanbul certainly also determine our success! After all, they have developed the FUE CT method themselves, and no one is better able to implement it than they are. During the thousands of operations they have carried out over the years, they have built up the experience and skills that now enable them to achieve the best possible results for our clients time and time again. So also for you!


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