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Sander de Kramer

Sander de Kramer, also known as “Chief Ouwe Dibbes,” stopped by Hairworld Istanbul 6 months after his hair transplant for his interim results.

Hairworld Istanbul is immensely proud to have received Sander’s trust to provide him with a new look and are happy to introduce Sander de Kramer to you!

The award for Freedom from Lack (Vrijwaring van Gebrek) went to Sander de Kramer as a token of appreciation for his innovative way of helping and dedicated commitment to the less fortunate, both at home and abroad. In 2007, as a journalist, he traveled to Sierra Leone, which the United Nations had declared “the most miserable place on earth.

He was deeply moved by the suffering and founded the Sunday Foundation with Hugo Borst. Their foundation offers help in so-called ‘forgotten places’ on earth and sets up projects to alleviate the worst needs: projects of hope. In Sierra Leone, Sander worked hard to get child slaves out of the mines, with great success, because now they enjoy going to school!

Local contractors have since built more than twenty schools for boys and girls. Former street prostitutes now make school uniforms and war widows are given microcredit so they can earn a living.

He has also established a workshop and training center for the disabled, giving them a more dignified place in society.

Kramer’s help was not always without risk and sometimes even involved risking his own life. However, this never stopped him. His positive attitude and compassion are an example to many in a world where individualism seems to flourish.

Of course, the positive change in his look and hair is nowhere near what he has meant to the world, nevertheless, we are extremely pleased with the result. Sander is very enthusiastic about the FUE CT technique and even had to trim his hair early due to the rapid growth of his hair!

But Sander, we are not there yet, we have more than 6 months to go. We thank you again for your pleasant visit and see you back with open arms for the final result!

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