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Ruud Gullit

Ruud chooses the FUE CT STEM CELL Hair Transplant at Hairworld Istanbul.

Former professional football player Ruud Gullit, AKA De Zwarte Tulp. Who doesn’t know him? He achieved great success with top clubs such as Feyenoord, PSV, AC Milan, and Chelsea and won the European Championship final with the Orange in 1988, was named European and World Footballer of the Year, and remained active after his football career, first as a trainer and later and still as a football analyst on TV. Give his name anywhere in the world and everyone knows immediately who it is about.


Ruud Gullit gets FUE CT Repair operation

In the years when Ruud Gullit still played like a star footballer at clubs like PSV and A.C. Milan, everyone immediately recognized him by his beautiful dreadlocks. But Ruud also, unfortunately, did not escape the fate of many men: as he grew older, he became more and more bald.

Ruud Gullit hair transplant

In an attempt to do something about it, Ruud decided to have a hair transplant at a Dutch institute a few years ago, but he was not satisfied with the result he achieved there. With that experience in mind, Ruud was already a little resigned to the fact that he went bald until at some point he saw the results that Hairworld Istanbul had achieved with celebrities such as Lange Frans and Najib Amhali. He immediately made an appointment for a consultation, and during that conversation, he was so impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the hair transplantation experts that he spoke to that he immediately decided to be treated with the revolutionary FUE CT technique hair transplantation from Hairworld Istanbul.

Because Ruud Gullit had previously had a failed hair transplant, he was eligible for a FUE CT Recovery operation at Hairworld Istanbul. When performing this type of operation, all the knowledge and experience that Hairworld Istanbul has gained in its existence come together: 14 years of experience in the most advanced hair transplantation techniques, 8 years of experience in the field of professional aftercare and 7 years of experience in performing recovery operations, treating over 3,000 patients who had previously had one or more hair transplants without achieving the desired result.

As a result of all these repair operations, Hairworld Istanbul developed no less than 30 different, unique protocols, each offering a proven, surefire solution to all the problems we have encountered over time, such as scalp problems, weak donor hairs, blood circulation problems. scalp, an exhausted donor area, and a variety of other health problems. So, regardless of our client’s situation, we are able to carry out a perfectly tailored treatment, tailor-made, and accurate, using the correct protocol.

In the case of Ruud Gullit, it was decided to have him undergo STEM CELL treatment as part of the FUE CT Repair operation. The aim was to bring the scalp, hair roots and blood circulation in perfect condition, so that Ruud would be assured of the most ideal starting point for performing a maximum successful hair transplant.


Ruud Gullits STEM CELL treatment was performed according to a precisely defined protocol, following the following steps:

First, so-called Mesenchymal stem cells were extracted from the fat tissue around his waist. These are stem cells that have the ability to develop in many different ways and can, therefore, be used for many different purposes. For example, a Mesenchymal stem cell can develop into a heart cell, a skin cell, or, and that is what we naturally do, to become a hair cell. In addition, these types of cells also play an important role in the development of new micro-blood vessels, which in turn contribute to the strengthening of the scalp.

After harvesting, the cells were processed in a certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) laboratory for a period of 6 weeks under the supervision of a team of professors. The processed cells were then ready for use within the FUE CT STEM CELL method, where they were meticulously introduced into Ruud’s scalp by a specialist team of plastic surgeons prior to the actual hair transplant. There, the cells then went to work optimizing Ruud’s scalp condition, hair roots and blood circulation, resulting in a perfect foundation for performing a successful hair transplant.

In a year, when all grafts implanted at Ruud Gullit have produced new hair, the result of his treatment will be 100% visible. Given Ruud’s regular appearance on TV, we will automatically find out if he will wear his famous dreadlocks again, or if he has opted for a shorter haircut. Anyway, one thing is certain: the volume and density of his hair will not depend on it.

Have you never worn dreadlocks, but are you, just like Ruud Gullit, annoyed by the increasingly bald spots on your head? Just like Ruud Gullit choose the FUE CT technique hair transplantation from Hairworld Istanbul and get to know the shortest way to the best result!

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