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Najib Amhali has FUE CT Recovery operation

Najib Amhali, who is best known as one of the most successful comedians in the Netherlands, was quite annoyed by the balding spots on the side and back of his head. Especially when he was on stage under bright lighting or on television or on film, they were extra clearly visible. In addition, Najib’s wife, who has her own hair salon, wanted to see her husband with more hair for a change.


All in all, enough reason for Najib Amhali to decide at one point in time to undergo a hair transplant at an institute in the Netherlands. However, the result he achieved there was so disappointing that Najib had actually resigned himself to lifelong baldness. Until he came across Hairworld Istanbul via the internet and saw the amazing results they achieved with the revolutionary FUE CT hair transplantation technique. Najib did not hesitate long, made an appointment and the rest is “history”.

Because Najib had previously undergone a failed hair transplant, he was eligible for a FUE CT Recovery operation at Hairworld Istanbul. Performing this type of operation brings together all the knowledge and experience that Hairworld Istanbul has gained in its existence: 14 years of experience in the field of the most advanced hair transplantation techniques, 8 years of experience in the field of professional aftercare and 7 years of experience with performing recovery operations, in which more than 3,000 patients were treated who had previously undergone one or more hair transplants without achieving the desired result.

Due to all these repair operations, Hairworld Istanbul has now developed no fewer than 30 different, unique protocols, each of which offers a proven, surefire solution to all problems that we have encountered over time, such as scalp problems, weak donor hairs, problems with the blood circulation of the scalp, an exhausted donor area and the most diverse other health problems. As a result, we are now able to carry out a perfectly custom-made treatment based on the correct protocol, accurate and tailored to any of our clients’ specific situations.

This was also the case with Najib Amhali, whose blood values ​​were optimized prior to his treatment. Also his scalp problems were remedied, and his donor area, which had already been considerably weakened after the previous treatment, was carefully analyzed to enable optimal graft harvesting.  Looking back on his FUE CT Recovery operation, Najib Amhali now says that in the run-up to it, he was a bit anxious, but that he had not felt any pain at all, and before he knew it, the operation had already been completed and he could return to the luxury hotel that Hairworld Istanbul had booked for him.

Najib Amhali was also very satisfied with the guidance he received from Hairworld Istanbul: from the run-up to the trip to the extensive aftercare, everything was, he said, perfectly arranged. While he also noticed how positively and willingly the staff of Hairworld Istanbul approached him during his stay in Istanbul. In his words: “as a customer at Hairworld Istanbul you are king, and this is noticeable in everything. Everyone is friendly and helpful and really out to get the best result for you. And moreover, whatever Hairworld Istanbul employee you encounter, from the airport to the operating room, they are all Dutch-speaking, so there is no problem in terms of communication whatsoever.”

By now, the final result of Najib Amhali’s FUE CT Recovery treatment can be admired by everyone, and it is something to be admired. The balding spots on his head that Najib could be so annoyed with are no longer visible; he now has a full head of hair again and he can confidently present himself on stage and in front of the cameras.

So if you, like Najib Amhali, get annoyed by the increasingly balding spots on your head, or if you have a wife who would like to see you with more hair again? Then, just like Najib Amhali, opt for the FUE CT technique hair transplant from Hairworld Istanbul and discover the shortest route to the best result!

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