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Recovery operations.

Another excellent proof of the strength of the FUE CT technique are without any doubt the recovery operations that Hairworld Istanbul regularly performs on clients who have been treated by other institutes and are dissatisfied with the result. Even customers who have already had three or four transplants and are often at a loss, can be treated successfully.

A striking example is Edwin van Wooning, the director of the Dutch Hair Foundation who, before he came to us, had already been treated five times at other institutes (3 x FUE technology, 1 x hair stem cell and 1 x Acell). Despite all those treatments, he was still not happy with the result. We managed to achieve just that with our FUE CT technique. In one single recovery treatment!

Another good example is the recovery operation that we carried out on comedian Najib Amhali. He had undergoneĀ  a FUE hair transplant with another institute and wasnot satisfied with the result. After one single recovery operation with our FUE CT method he now has a full head of hair again and is very happy with the result.

Choose without risk

While the examples of Edwin and Dean are the ultimate proof of strength of our FUE CT method, they also show how risky the wrong choice of institute can be. This may mean that you will have to undergo up to four or five treatments to get the desired result, not only at the expense of your wallet, but also at the expense of your donor area.

And a mistake is easily made, because all institutes promise you mountains of gold. Until you discover that you have been misled and that those beautiful golden mountains are in fact no more than molehills.

If you are now considering where to undergo your first treatment, you do not have to run that risk. If you decide to have your hair transplant performed by Hairworld Istanbul, you will have the best chance of getting the optimum result in one go.

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You are hereby requested to provide us with photos of the current situation of your hair (front, side and rear view), on the basis of which we will set up a temporary quotation for you. Within two days after you have received this temporary quote by email, you will be approached by telephone by one of our employees and invited to make an appointment for a consultation.

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