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The FUE CT hair transplant

The first important distinction is that FUE CT is in all cases based on 100% customization. While the standard FUE technique, like most other methods, is based on one standard approach, within the FUE CT technique there are no less than 30 different, unique protocols.



All of these offer surefire solutions for the various problems that we have encountered over time, such as scalp problems, weak donor hairs, problems with the blood circulation of the scalp, an exhausted donor area and a wide range of other health problems. We use all available state-of-the-art techniques and equipment currently available in the market. So yes, at Hairworld Istanbul we certainly also use sapphire drills, when we are dealing with thin hair or a weak donor area. And in certain cases we will also choose to use DHI pens. But we only use these types of technology if there is a specific reason to do so.

When you choose us, you can rest assured that we will always select the right protocol, regardless of your situation. And on the basis of that, we will perform a perfect treatment tailored to your specific needs, custom-made and accurate. The fact that we go much further than all other institutions in this respect is borne out by the fact that we are even able to carry out recovery operations for customers who have already had three or four transplants and who are often at their wits’ end.

A second important point on which the FUE CT method distinguishes itself from all other techniques in the market is the optimum result of our treatments: with us you are usually ready in one go. Only in rare cases where large parts of the head are bald and need to be covered will two treatments be necessary, but usually we will achieve the desired result for you in just one session. The main reason for this is that we can harvest up to 70% multi-grafts, assuming you have a healthy donor area (which has never been treated before and which does not involve genetically determined thin hairs or low density). This is mainly due to the knowledge and expertise of our experienced FUE CT specialists who have made daily practice of harvesting large quantities of multigrafts. Their skills and the use of micro FUE CT drills ensure that the donor area will recover quickly after treatment and that only minimal traces will remain after the transplant.

A third important difference and also a big plus of the FUE-CT treatment is CTS, or Circulation Treatment Stimulators, a unique, balanced formula of specific biological minerals and stimulants that are introduced into the scalp after the treatment in the correct dosage and that stimulate blood flow.

CTS has been specially developed by and for Hairworld Istanbul on the basis of a secret formula of which only we know the composition. The active substances in CTS are produced exclusively for Hairworld Istanbul in Europe and CTS also has an official injectable certificate that is only in the name of Hairworld Istanbul.

Thanks to the use of CTS, clients with weak blood circulation in the scalp can now also achieve good results, while CTS also ensures that the hair loss of existing hairs is curbed.

As the fourth and final point at which we distinguish ourselves from all other institutions in the market, we would like to mention the hair transplant experts who work at Hairworld Istanbul. They certainly make the difference, because they have co-developed the FUE CT method, and are better able than anyone else to implement it. During the thousands of operations they have carried out over the past years, they have built up the experience and skills that enable them to achieve the best possible results for our clients, time and time again. So also for you!

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