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FUE CT and FUE Sapphire are not the same.

Sometimes comparisons are made between our FUE-CT method and other methods currently available in the market, such as the standard standard FUE method or Sapphire FUE hair transplant.


FUE Sapphire hair transplant

Sapphire is, after diamond, the second hardest gem and as a material ideal for use in hair transplants. Sapphire drills are therefore widely used by all hair transplantation institutes to open the channels in which the grafts are transplanted.

The FUE-Sapphire hair transplant method uses the thinnest channel openers in the market. This allows large numbers of channels to be opened on a small surface, while it is also possible to install channels between existing hairs with minimal damage to the scalp.

The use of sapphire drills is certainly the only right choice under certain circumstances, for example in people with very thin hair or a very weak donor area. Reason why this protocol is also part of the FUE CT technique hair transplantation applied by Hairworld Istanbul, because we can give such clients a good result with the help of this. Because the donor area is weak and contains few multi-grafts, it is better to create the channels with a sapphire drill in order to be able to place more single grafts. In that particular case, that is the only right approach and there can be no discussion about that. But to exclusively use sapphire drills and then to call that the Sapphire method is undoubtedly a handy move from a marketing point of view, but in many cases this will be more detrimental than beneficial. For people who have a healthy donor area and thicker hair, we absolutely do not recommend the use of sapphire drills, and we even advise against it.

Disadvantages FUE Sapphire hair transplant

One of the main drawbacks of the FUE Sapphire method is that the exclusive use of ultra-thin drills means that mainly single grafts can be harvested, because the width of the skin channels is very small and does not fit multi-grafts or hairs with a thicker structure. This means that even with a very extensive session, optimum density of the transplanted hair will rarely be achieved. And this also means that with the Sapphire method you will often have to be treated several times to achieve the desired hair density.

To compensate for this disadvantage, most companies try to harvest and implant even larger numbers of grafts in one session. With the risk that more and larger scars will remain in the donor area than the usual minimal traces. And if the specialist who performs the treatment does not have the required experience and skills to know how to handle the ultra-thin drills, you also run an increased risk of traumatizing your scalp (necrosis) and damage to and possibly even permanent loss of existing hair.

In summary, it can be stated that the FUE Sapphire method is in fact a variant of the standard FUE method, whereby the only notable difference is the use of sapphire drills. As with standard FUE, using the Sapphire FUE hair transplant technique achieves in certain cases good results, particularly if the donor area is healthy and has not been treated before. But nevertheless our clinic experience is that the vast majority of people treated with the FUE

On the other hand, the customer satisfaction achieved with these methods due to the low realized hair density, according to our clinic experience, is no higher than around 30%, while the success rate achieved by Hairworld is much higher. The success rate achieved with the FUE CT technique after 1 treatment is no less than 97%. Which is also the reason why the unique FUE CT technique hair transplantation is often used as a repair operation of the FUE and FUE sapphire hair transplantation.

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