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What is FUE DHI?

With the FUE DHI method, the harvested grafts are not placed in pre-opened channels, but “pricked” in the area to be treated with a so-called DHI pen.

When a very thin pin is used for this purpose, the grafts can be placed at a very small distance from each other, of course with the aim of achieving an optimum density of the transplanted hairs.


Under certain circumstances, using a DHI pen is a perfect solution, for example when the goal is to compact the hair or when grafts need to be implanted in between existing hairs. But, as is also the case with the FUE Sapphire method where only sapphire drills are used, working exclusively with the DHI pins has a considerable number of disadvantages that need to be taken into account.

Disadvantages FUE DHI

Firstly, placing the grafts with the help of a DHI pen is a very time-consuming job. If a few thousand holes have to be punctured in the scalp, and this job needs to be done at a fast pace (which is always the case with a hair transplant, because the harvested grafts have to be replaced as quickly as possible), many medical staff will have to be deployed to run a race against the clock, with an increased risk of damage to the grafts.

A second disadvantage occurs when triple grafts are also harvested with the FUE DHI method. After all, these will then have to be implanted with a thicker pin with which, firstly, fewer grafts can be placed and where there is also an increased risk of visible scarring. For this reason, the FUE DHI method mainly implies the use of single grafts, so that in many cases multiple treatments will be required to achieve the desired density.

Moreover, the use of the DHI pens can offer a number of other problems. For example, the direction of growth of the transplanted hair follicles can often not be well-matched, so that the result looks messy. And also, the hair follicles are often placed too far apart, so that the density of the transplanted hair can ultimately be disappointing.

According to our clinic experience, the success rate of the FUE DHI technology is again around 30%. For some people this will be acceptable. Most people, however, prefer to opt for a treatment with a higher proven success rate. Such as that of the FUE CT method of Hairworld Istanbul, which is no less than 97%.

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