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CTS hair loss treatment.

An essential part of the aftercare of Hairworld Istanbul is CTS, or Circulation Treatment Stimulators, a unique, balanced formula of specific biological stimulants and minerals that are introduced into the scalp after treatment and that optimize blood flow and strengthen the hair follicles.

CTS has been specially developed by and for Hairworld Istanbul on the basis of a secret formula of which only we know the composition. The active substances in CTS are produced in Europe exclusively for Hairworld Istanbul and in addition, CTS has an official injectable certificate that applies to the entire European Union and which is only in the name of Hairworld Istanbul.


 Why is CTS treatment so important?

The unique active ingredients that are introduced into the scalp during the CTS treatment ensure optimal blood circulation in the scalp, creating ideal conditions for the transplanted grafts to develop optimally and to produce healthy, firm hair. But not only the transplanted hair follicles get a boost. Existing hair follicles also receive a great boost, with the result that existing hair becomes healthier, which further improves the final result of your hair transplant.

The CTS treatment is unique and cannot be compared with anything else.

Hairworld Istanbul’s CTS treatment is unique. Only we know which substances are used and according to which secret formula they are composed. CTS should therefore not be compared with other treatments that are used in the market, such as Acell, PRP or Mesotherapy. Clinics working with these would like you to believe that their method is similar to our CTS treatment, but those are fables. We focus on the facts, and these don’t lie. Research among the now 4,000 customers of Hairworld Istanbul has shown that CTS not only significantly improved the result of their hair transplant, but that over 70% of them also experienced their existing hair became structurally healthier.

Study provides conclusive evidence: CTS works!

Hairworld Istanbul has now treated more than 4,000 clients with the FUE CT technique hair transplantation, whereby CTS was standard part of the aftercare offered. Because Hairworld Istanbul maintains an extensive file of all its customers in which the course of the treatment and the result thereof are carefully mapped out by means of photos and data records, over the years a wealth of information has been built up on which targeted investigations and studies can be performed. In 2018, as many as 687 people were followed very intensively during a study aimed at measuring customer satisfaction. Analysis of the database built up hereby showed not only that the customer satisfaction percentage, which in other hair transplantation techniques (DHI, FUE, FUE Sapphire) according to our clinic experience is normally between 30 and 70%, with the FUE CT technique hair transplantation is no less than 97%. Moreover, this study also provided irrefutable proof that the CTS treatments that Hairworld Istanbul performs as a standard part of the aftercare provided to all its customers in the second and sixth months after the treatment, make an important positive contribution to the end result of the hair transplants. It has also been shown that not only transplanted hairs became healthier and stronger, but also existing hairs received a great boost, making them significantly healthier and firmer and, not least important, further loss of hair was inhibited.

Ultimate transparency: Long before results are known, Hairworld Istanbul shares information about treatment of Dutch celebs.

Hairworld Istanbul is extremely transparent when it comes to sharing information about the treatments we perform on our clients and the results we achieve with them. This is evidenced by the extensive reports that we regularly publish via television programs and social media such as Instagram and where we even share footage of the actual operations. We do this without any restrictions because we have nothing to hide and are proud of the results we have achieved.

Without any doubt, the most ultimate form of transparency we offer when sharing information about the treatments we perform on Dutch celebs, such as Ruud Gullit, Lange Frans and Najib Amhali. Long before the end result and thus the success of their treatment is clear and can be assessed, we already share their experiences with Hairworld Istanbul. Step by step you follow the course of their treatment via TV and Instagram, from the very first intake and the actual operation in our clinic to the CTS treatments that they also undergo as a standard part of the aftercare offered to them. So that you can see with your own eyes the impact of CTS on the growth and density of the transplanted and existing hair and the positive way in which CTS contributes to the end result of the hair transplants we perform.

All CTS treatments are performed in the Netherlands by an experienced BIG registered doctor.

The CTS treatments are a standard part of the aftercare offered by Hairworld Istanbul and are given between 2 and 6 months after the hair transplant in our clinic in the Netherlands. All CTS treatments are performed by a BIG registered doctor who has no less than seven years of experience in providing aftercare and who performs all CTS treatments according to the protocol tailored to the individual situation of the client concerned.

Does CTS treatment also make sense if you do not have a hair transplant?

Even if you have not had a hair transplant, you will experience the beneficial effects of a CTS treatment: the blood circulation in your scalp will improve greatly, giving healthy hair follicles a huge boost and producing strong, firm hair. But there should be no misunderstanding about that: hairs that weaken and become thinner as part of the balding process will not become stronger and healthier after a CTS treatment. And hair that you have lost will not regrow due to a CTS treatment. What we can achieve with our CTS treatments is that the balding process is slowed down, because existing hairs stay healthy longer. But once you have gone bald and want to have a full head of hair again, there is only one conclusive solution, and that is a hair transplant, to be precise the FUE CT technique hair transplant by Hairworld Istanbul.

What to do if a CTS treatment does not help?

In most cases, CTS will greatly improve the blood circulation in your scalp and give hair follicles a huge boost, so that even “dormant” hair follicles will be brought back to life and produce healthy, firm hair again. But there are situations in which a CTS treatment will unfortunately not lead to this desired effect. This is the case, for example, if the blood circulation in your scalp has deteriorated due to a mineral or iron deficiency, due to thyroid problems or due to genetically determined problems. If you are dealing with this type of health problem, you will have to tackle the cause first. Hairworld Istanbul can help you with this by sending a request for a blood test to your doctor, after which the result can be shared with us. Based on research, we know exactly which scalp problems can arise due to specific shortages, so that we can determine next steps in consultation with you after assessing the result of your blood test.

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