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What is a hair transplant?

Since time immemorial men in particular have often had to deal with an unsolicited gift from Mother Nature: hereditary baldness.

While some men accept the loss of their hair as a “fact of life” and learn to live with it, many refuse to accept this – in their eyes – aesthetic flaw. Fortunately for those men there is now a suitable solution: the hair transplant.


With a hair transplant, hair roots, or grafts, are harvested surgically from a specific part of the head, also called the donor area, which are then redistributed, again by surgical intervention, to the balding parts of the head.

As donor area, always the hair ring is used, because the hair roots that are harvested there are genetically pre-programmed to continue producing lifelong hair, no matter where they are moved.

Thanks to modern hair surgery, a lifelong lush head of hair is now no longer an unreachable dream, but a feasible reality.

The current market for hair transplantation has a wide range of options. There is, for example, the FUE CT technique and the FUE CT stem cell technique conducted by Hairworld Istanbul, and there is also a FUE technique, a FUE sapphire technique and an FUT technique. Having such a wide variety options to select from is a wonderful thing, of course, but at the same time it also makes things difficult. Because how do you choose the best solution from that jumble of possibilities? How do you find the shortest route to the best result?

The best way to do this is by comparing the different methods, and to help you do this, we have described them briefly for you. So that you can quickly form a clear picture of the mututal differences and pros and cons.

Click here for an overview of the various techniques.


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