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Hairworld Istanbul: your best choice in terms of price / quality ratio!

You have decided to go for a full head of hair again and are looking for the best solution in the market, both in terms of quality and costs. Then it is good to know that Hairworld Istanbul is also your best choice in price terms. And not only because we give you more hair for your money.


Choosing the right hair restoration clinic… How difficult can it be?

Once you have decided to have a hair transplant, we understand that you want to be ready in one go, without having to pay too much. Finding the right clinic where you can achieve this, how difficult can this be? To answer that question, it might be useful to take a look at the experiences of Dutch celebs such as Gerard Joling, Dick Advocaat, Raymond van Barneveld and Dean Saunders. They have undoubtedly looked for a clinic that could offer them the desired result in one go. Nothing got in their way: they undoubtedly had enough budget, they had plenty of connections, and they could count on the clinic treating them to do their utmost to achieve the best possible result. After all, their successful treatment would be a beautiful calling card. But what is the reality? Gerard Joling underwent no less than 6 treatments, Dick Advocaat and Raymond van Barneveld both underwent 3, while Dean Saunders even underwent 5 treatments without achieving the desired result. And what to think of Edwin van Wooning, the director of the Dutch Hair Foundation, who is widely known as the absolute guru in the field of hair transplantation techniques, who underwent no fewer than four treatments and was still dissatisfied with the result.

Hair transplant Istanbul prices

If all these celebs with all their possibilities failed to find a clinic where they could achieve the desired result in one treatment, how will you determine where you will be treated? How do you think you can succeed in finding the right clinic, where you will be ready in one go? And will you mainly look at the costs? Of course you should also look at the costs, because nobody wants to pay too much.

A hair transplant can already be performed in Turkey for an amount of EUR 2,000. This can get as high as EUR 10,000. Within this range, the prices of Hairworld Istanbul are without any doubt competitive and have remained unchanged for the past three years.

But you must not choose us if you are looking for the cheapest solution in the market, we can be honest about that. So why then is Hairworld Istanbul on all counts still your best choice? There are many good reasons for this. And the most important one is that at Hairworld Istanbul you are usually ready after one single treatment.

At Hairworld Istanbul you are usually ready in one go.

With our unique FUE CT hair transplantation technique, we achieve a success rate of 97% after just one treatment, while our clinical experience shows that the customer satisfaction rate for other hair transplantation techniques is only between 30 to 70%. What is this big difference based on? Why are you usually ready with us in just one go, while at other institutes you need two, sometimes three, treatments to achieve a result that you can be satisfied with? Everything revolves around the amount of hair that can be harvested and transplanted in one go and the density that can be achieved. At Hairworld Istanbul we can transplant as many as 8,000 to 9,000 hairs in one treatment, while other techniques only attain a maximum of 3,000 to 4,000 hairs per treatment. In addition, we also achieve the maximum possible density at once, for which at least two treatments are required with other techniques.

Why is only Hairworld Istanbul able to do this?

What makes the difference with us is the exceptional team of trained and skilled FUE CT hair transplantation experts that work at Hairworld Istanbul. Thanks to years of focused research and extensive practical experience, they are able to harvest at least 70% or more multi-grafts, i.e. hair follicles containing 2, 3 or 4 hairs, from a healthy donor area, while at the same time leaving behind minimal traces. In this way, we are generally able to harvest 2.5 times as many hairs in one single session than is the case with other techniques. Furthermore, thanks to their extensive experience and special skills, our hair transplantation experts are able to place the grafts so closely together that we reach the maximum possible density in one go. But most importantly, our hair transplantation experts are able to place the hair follicles at exactly the right depth in the scalp, where blood circulation is best, so that the placed grafts can develop optimally and produce strong, thick hairs. And that requires special skills and experience because this depth differs for each individual customer. It is the special strength of our hair transplantation experts that for each individual customer they always manage to determine at which level the grafts should be placed in the scalp. Customized and accurate!

So how do other clinics work? And why are their results usually disappointing?

There are clinics, especially those that use the FUE technique, that, just like Hairworld Istanbul, want to transplant large numbers of hair by harvesting multi-grafts. However, due to a lack of knowledge and experience, they often use drills which are too thick, with the result that the donor area becomes exhausted very quickly, often after just one treatment. Also, many clinics, as a result of the limitations of the technology with which they operate, usually process high numbers of single grafts. This is the case with the Saffire method, for example, where the holes in which the transplanted hairs are placed are made with ultra-thin drills. Although this allows large amounts of holes to be made at a very short distance from each other, these are so tiny that only single grafts can be placed in them, so that the final density of the hair will always be disappointing and at least 2 treatments are required to achieve the desired result. During each of these 2 treatments 4,000 grafts have to be harvested from the donor area, which means that ultimately around 8,000 holes have to be made to harvest the same number of hairs for which Hairworld Istanbul only has to drill 3,000 holes in one session. Add to this the fact that also 8,000 holes will need to be made in which the harvested hairs must be placed, and you will understand that you run a significant risk of problems with your scalp.

But all clinics show the most beautiful results on their site. How is that possible?

If all those other clinics are not able to achieve good hair density and good results, as we indicated earlier, how is it then that you always see the most beautiful results on any site of any clinic. Men who were almost bald before treatment, showing off a thick bunch of beautiful hair afterwards. Is that all fake? Unfortunately, this is indeed often the case. Some clinics will try anything to mislead you. Many photos that you see have been manipulated, or the hairs of the persons shown are made fuller and thicker for the photo with sprays and chemical aids. People who are said to have been treated only once have actually had multiple transplants to get the result shown. Or the initial to final stage of the treatment in question cannot be determined. While this is exactly one of the strongest points of Hairworld Istanbul: that we extensively visualize the results of our treatment beforehand, in the interim and afterwards by means of photos and videos on our social media channels. And we even show live images of our treatments. Because we have nothing to hide and are proud of our results and are happy to share them with you.

How can you avoid being cheated? Simply by remaining critical and by not letting yourself be easily convinced. Ask for hard evidence and demand transparency! You are entitled to that! As we said before, finding the right clinic may not be as easy as you think.

  • You have the assurance of high-quality and safe treatment.

Organizations that charge low amounts will undoubtedly do their best to make your treatment a success. But such institutes also have to make a profit and will do so by performing as many operations as possible in the shortest possible time, sometimes as many as 10 to even 40 a day. That this is at the expense of the quality and therefore also the end result of the treatments performed is almost inevitable.

At Hairworld Istanbul the focus is emphatically not on quantity but on quality, and you will notice that in everything:

Hairworld Istanbul carries out a limited number of treatments per day. We give every individual customer maximum attention and try to achieve the best possible result for each of our customers.

Hairworld Istanbul conducts all its operations in Istanbul in an A-Class hospital with a JCI quality mark that meets the highest quality and safety requirements and where we have the most advanced state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

The success of any organization depends on the knowledge and skills of its employees. The hair transplantation experts who work at Hairworld Istanbul also make the difference! After all, they have developed the FUE CT hair transplantation technique themselves, and nobody is better able to perform it than they are. During the thousands of operations that they have now carried out, they have built up the experience and skills that now enable them to achieve the best possible result for our clients, time and time again. So also for you!

  • You can rely on our extensive knowledge and experience.

A carefree hair transplantation starts with confidence. You must be able to count on receiving the best possible care and be sure that the institution that treats you has the specialized knowledge and experience that will lead to the best possible result. Then you are at the right place at Hairworld Istanbul!

Hairworld Istanbul has 14 years of experience in applying the most advanced hair restoration techniques and 8 years of experience in providing professional aftercare.

Hairworld Istanbul is the only institute specializing in complex repair operations. We have now built up 7 years of experience in this area, during which over 3,000 patients who had previously undergone one or more hair transplants at other clinics without achieving the desired result, have now been successfully treated.

As a result of all the repair operations we have carried out in recent years, we have developed no less than 30 different, unique protocols, each of which offers a proven, surefire solution to all problems we have encountered over time, such as scalp problems, weak donor hairs, problems with blood circulation of the scalp, an exhausted donor area and a variety of other health issues. This means that we are now able to carry out a perfectly customized treatment, tailor-made and accurate, regardless of our client’s situation, using the correct protocol.

Of course, we also apply the extensive knowledge we have gained in performing all those thousands of repair operations to clients who undergo a hair transplant for the first time. And that provides enormous added value. Because we rarely get a surprise during a treatment. After all, we have experienced all possible situations and for each of these we have a suitable solution in place. So that we can always respond promptly and adequately to unexpected problems as they may arise.

  • We not only go for the most hair, but also for the best result.

At Hairworld Istanbul we do everything we can to provide you with the fullest possible head of hair after your hair transplant. But that should never be at the expense of your donor area. The skills and experience of our hair transplantation experts ensure that the harvesting of your grafts is carried out with the utmost care and precision. So that the surrounding hairs are not damaged, and that, after the transplant, there is also an optimal coverage of the hair on the back of your head.

  • You can count on the best aftercare.

At Hairworld Istanbul you are assured of complete and professional aftercare. During the entire first year after the treatment you will be monitored closely. In this way we can closely track the progress of your recovery and we are also able to accurately measure the results of our treatments.

Our aftercare is carried out in the Netherlands by BIG registered doctors, who have built up 7 years of experience in the professional guidance of our clients after their treatment. Where most clinics offer only PRP or a variety of Mesotherapies after treatment, in addition to PRP, Hairworld Istanbul also offers CTS, or Circulation Treatment Stimulators, a unique, balanced formula of specific biological stimulants and minerals that are injected into the scalp after treatment and that optimize blood flow and strengthen the hair follicles.

CTS has been specially developed by and for Hairworld Istanbul on the basis of a secret formula of which only we know the composition. The active substances in CTS are produced in Europe exclusively for Hairworld Istanbul and in addition, CTS has an official injectable certificate that applies to the entire European Union and which is registered exclusively in the name of Hairworld Istanbul.

Thanks to the application of CTS, it is now also possible to achieve good results for clients with weak blood circulation in the scalp, while CTS also ensures that the hair loss of the existing hair is slowed down.

An important part of our aftercare are also the specialized aftercare products of Hairworld Istanbul, the use of which has proved indispensable for the best possible result. For washing the transplanted hair, we supply you with the patented FUE CT blood-stimulating shampoo, and in addition you receive the organic FUE CT mineral cure that aims to optimize your blood values, so that the transplanted hair roots can develop optimally.

  • You will be optimally guided from start to finish.

Once you have made the choice to have Hairworld Istanbul take care of your hair transplantation, we are committed to making your treatment as efficient and smooth as possible. We do this by optimally guiding you from start to finish. We support you in the preparation of your trip to Istanbul, and once there you will be accompanied, from airport to operating room, by one of our 7 Dutch-speaking employees. So there is no problem in the field of communication either.

  • We say what we do and do what we say.

At Hairworld Istanbul we pride ourselves on not making promises we cannot keep. The estimate made by our hair transplantation expert during the intake of the number of grafts to be transplanted is realistic. And we also live up to that number during the treatment, you can count on that.

Transparency is also of paramount importance to us. This is evidenced by the extensive reports of the complete treatment process that we offer you (link) and the many video and photo reports that can be found on this site (links) and our Instagram account before and after the treatment of many of our clients. And in which we also show interim results of the treatments performed by us. We have no secrets and are proud of the successes we have achieved and are happy to share them with you.

  • Celeb or not, at Hairworld Istanbul everyone gets a VIP treatment.

We are of course known for the wonderful results we have achieved with Dutch celebrities such as Ruud Gullit, Lange Frans and Najib Amhali. But they are only a fraction of the many thousands of men and women that we have now treated with our unique FUE CT technique hair transplantation and that we have made happy with a full head of hair again. We treat people from all walks of life, from students to bankers. And from civil servants to teachers. And all those people receive the same special treatment that they deserve as our customers. After all, we make every effort to get the best results and the best for all our customers. That is our passion. And we will be happy to do that for you as well!

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