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The aftercare of Hairworld Istanbul: essential and complete

At Hairworld Istanbul we leave nothing to chance. Not before, not during, and certainly not after the treatment. With us you are assured of complete and professional aftercare.

Check, check & double check
In the post-treatment period, we will perform regular checks of the blood circulation and recovery of your scalp. These checks take place both online and during the CTS (link to paragraph on CTS later in the text) treatments which are carried out by a BIG registered doctor.

The following is an overview of the various checks you will get:

The first day after the treatment you will be checked in the hospital in Istanbul. This check will take place in the morning, before you return to the Netherlands. The blood circulation of your scalp and the implanted grafts are checked and also the bandage applied to the back of your head after the procedure is removed, and the donor area is disinfected. If you have any questions at that time, you can put them to the Dutch-speaking counselor who will be present during this check.

The first washing of your scalp takes place 3 days after the treatment. You must do this using the lotion and shampoo that you received from us on the day of treatment and that you must continue to use for the first two weeks after the treatment. You will receive written instructions as well as a reference to a video on YouTube on which you can see exactly how to proceed with the washing.

On the 18th day after the treatment an online check will take place. We do this on the basis of photos that you take in accordance with the instructions you receive from us.

As you can read below, all our customers must undergo at least two CTS treatments. The first of these takes place between 4-6 weeks after the procedure. The doctor who performs the CTS treatment will also check the blood circulation and recovery of your scalp.

The second CTS treatment is performed between 4-6 months after treatment, at which time the doctor performing the treatment will check your scalp.

In the 6th month after the treatment we will again perform an online check on the basis of photos you have taken yourself.

In the 9th month, finally, after all transplanted grafts have produced hairs and have also reached a considerable length, the final end result will be assessed, again based on photos you have taken yourself. If you would like to have the result of your treatment assessed by one of our hair transplantation experts, you can of course make an appointment with us.

Please note: the end result of the crown can only be definitively assessed 12 months after the treatment.

You must also bear in mind that the implanted hairs may not be cut before the 12th month after your treatment. The reason for this is that the hairs will then have reached their optimum thickness at which stage the end result can be properly assessed. The hairs in the donor area may be trimmed, but the use of a hair clipper is not permitted until the 12th month after treatment, as this may cause damage to the scalp.

The aftercare products from Hairworld Istanbul: indispensable for the best possible result
As mentioned earlier, you will receive a shampoo and a lotion on the day of the treatment. During the first two weeks after your treatment you must use these for washing your scalp will ensure that the scabs will come off more quickly.

A week after the treatment you should start taking the FUE CT mineral tablets that we will provide you. These essential supplements, are aimed at optimizing your blood values and should be taken up to and including the 12th month after the treatment, or until the moment when the end result of your treatment is fully visible.

From the 18th day you can start using our special FUE CT circulation-stimulating shampoo, which you should continue to use until the end result of your hair transplantation is fully visible.

CTS for optimum blood circulation and healthier hair

An important distinguishing advantage of the FUE-CT method is CTS, or Circulation Treatment Stimulators. This is a unique, balanced formula of specific biological minerals and stimulants that are inserted into the scalp at the correct dosage after treatment and that stimulate blood flow. CTS has been specially developed by and for Hairworld Istanbul on the basis of a secret formula of which only we know the composition. The active substances in CTS are produced exclusively for Hairworld Istanbul and CTS also has an official European injectable certificate that is only in the name of Hairworld Istanbul. To further stimulate hair growth, all our customers must undergo at least two CTS treatments, simply because we have established through our clinic experience that more than 70% of patients who undergo CTS get structurally healthier hair.

More information
If you want more information about Hairworld Istanbul and the possibilities that we can offer you, please complete the application form which you will find hereĀ .(link).

You are hereby requested to provide us with photos of the current situation of your hair (front, side and rear view), on the basis of which we will set up a temporary quotation for you. Within two days after you have received this temporary quote by email, you will be approached by telephone by one of our employees and invited to make an appointment for a consultation.

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