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Hair transplant for women

It should be possible for anyone who so desires to have a successful hair transplant. And that is why we have done everything in our power to ensure that a successful hair transplant for women is possible, whatever their situation.


Baldness in men is usually a hereditary disorder triggered by the DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) hormone that causes male hair follicles to weaken, produce increasingly thinner hairs and eventually even die.

The DHT hormone plays a much more limited role in women who become bald. For them, there are often entirely different causes, such as thyroid problems, hormonal problems during and after pregnancy, a shortage of iron, anemia or poor blood flow to the scalp.

A suitable solution
For anyone who so wishes it must be possible to get a successful hair transplant! At Hairworld Istanbul we do our utmost to make this possible! And that is why we have made every effort to ensure that with our FUE CT method we are also able to offer a suitable solution for women, regardless of their individual situation.

To achieve this, we have conducted many extensive investigations into the causes of baldness in women, covering all common problems, and not just the aforementioned ones. For example, women were also examined who had received chemotherapy and therefore had thinner hair or had become completely bald.

And studies were also done on dark women with frizzy hair, because this type of hair offers quite a few challenges during transplants and requires a specific approach.

Customized and accurate
The various studies we have carried out have resulted in Hairworld Istanbul gaining a great deal of knowledge and experience with regard to hair transplants for women. As a result, we were able to develop various different, unique protocols, each of which offers surefire solutions for the various problems that we have encountered with women.

So that you can now rest assured that, regardless of your situation, we will always select the right protocol and, based on that, perform a perfect treatment tailored to your specific needs, tailored and accurate.

Success factors for hair transplant for women
Within the various protocols we use, a number of success factors determine the high success rate that we achieve with our FUE CT method and which is no less than 90%, while our clinic experience indicates that with the standard FUE method a success rate of at most 50% is reached.

One of these success factors is our revolutionary CTS treatment, or Circulation Treatment Stimulators, a unique, balanced formula of specific biological minerals and stimulants that are introduced in the correct dosage into the scalp after the treatment and that stimulate blood flow to the scalp. This gives the implanted grafts more nutrition so that they can develop better, while CTS also ensures that the hair loss of existing hairs is curbed.

Women who undergo a hair transplant with us must undergo at least three CTS treatments in the trajectory after the procedure.

The organic FUE CT mineral cure
The CTS treatment is further supported by another essential part of Hairworld Istanbul’s aftercare, namely our biological FUE CT mineral treatment that is aimed at optimizing blood values. You start taking these supplements one week after the treatment and should continue to do so until the 12th month after the treatment, or until the moment that the end result of the treatment is fully visible.

The living proof
But enough beautiful words now! Time to let the facts speak for themselves. Take a look, for example, at the footage of the treatments of Simone Kapel (link to report) and Marion van Kampen (link to report). They, and all those other thousands of well-known and less well-known people from around the world who we have now made happy with yet a regained full head of hair, are living proof of the power of our unique FUE CT method. With which we succeed time and again in getting our clients to follow the shortest route to the best result. So you as well!

More information
If you want more information about a hair transplant for women at Hairworld Istanbul and the possibilities that we can offer you, please complete the application form which you will find here .(link).

You are hereby requested to provide us with photos of the current situation of your hair (front, side and rear view), on the basis of which we will set up a temporary quotation for you. Within two days after you have received this temporary quote by email, you will be approached by telephone by one of our employees and invited to make an appointment for a consultation.


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