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Hair transplants for people with Afro hair.

Performing hair transplants on people with Afro hair entails a number of hefty challenges.

The most important of these is that, just like the Afro hair itself, the grafts are curl-shaped and therefore rotated in the scalp, which requires specialist knowledge and special skills to harvest them properly and without damage.


In addition, other genetic factors, such as a hard and greasy scalp, can play a complicating role, as well as the fact that the roots of Afro hair are highly dependent on good blood flow to the scalp for their development. And if the person in question has already undergone a transplant, the scalp may become rough, which may also have a negative effect on the result of the transplant. All in all, there are plenty of reasons why most institutions would rather not even start on this type of transplants. And if they do, they often get disappointing results.

Afro Hair Transplant Turkey

Hairworld Istanbul would not be Hairworld Istanbul if we could not offer a suitable solution for people with Afro hair with our unique FUE CT technique. After all, we are proud that we want to make it possible for anyone who so wishes to have a successful hair transplant!

Now, we can of course tell you wonderful stories about our achievements, but we prefer to let the facts speak for themselves. Look for example at the reports about the treatments of Dutch celebrities who had a black hair transplant, like Frenna (link to report), Royston Drente (link to report), Ruud Gullit (link to report), Lorenzo Elstak (link to report) and Simone Kapel (link to report). They, and all the other lesser-known people from all over the world that we have now made happy with a regained full head of hair, are the living proof of our successful approach, which is based on a number of proven success factors.

Firstly, our hair transplant experts provenly have the specialist skills and techniques that are required to harvest and implant Afro hair grafts in such a way that they are not damaged and can produce healthy, strong hairs again.

When harvesting grafts, we achieve a success rate of no less than 98% for people with Afro hair, while our clinic experience shows that the success rate for other hair transplant techniques is below 50%. That we can make so many people happy with our treatments is something we are quite proud of. And why hide that

Secondly, with our FUE CT method we use a number of techniques that ensure that the blood circulation and the condition of the scalp are optimally improved during and after treatment. This is particularly important for people with Afro hair, because this type of hair has relatively strong roots, which are extra dependent on good blood circulation for their development.

One of those techniques is CTS, or Circulation Treatment Stimulators. This is a unique, balanced formula of specific biological minerals and stimulants that are introduced into the scalp at the correct dosage after treatment and that stimulate blood flow. People with Afro hair must undergo at least three CTS treatments in the trajectory after their hair transplant.

Another decisive part of Hairworld Istanbul’s aftercare are our organic FUE CT mineral supplements which are aimed at optimizing blood values. These are taken from the second week after the operation.

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