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treatment process.

As no less than a life changer, that’s how most men experience their hair transplant at Hairworld Istanbul. Standing in front of the mirror in the morning and then enjoying the sight of a full head of hair and a slick haircut is a wonderful start to the day!


And once you have decided to distance yourself from your balding head and, like many thousands of men before you, have opted for the unique FUE CT hair transplant method from Hairworld Istanbul, for you also that exciting day will come when your treatment will finally take place and you will be able to definitively close your balding period.

In this article we describe how your treatment will then proceed, from the first intake interview and the day on which the actual operation takes place up to and including the moment you are delivered to the airport the day after the operation.

The intake

Through the many positive messages that you have seen or read in the media about Hairworld Istanbul, you want to find out more about the FUE CT Hair Transplantation technique and in particular you want to know what Hairworld Istanbul can do for you. The only thing you have to do is register using the contact form (link to form) that you can find on this site. You are hereby requested to provide us with photos of the current situation of your hair (front, side and rear view), on the basis of which we will compile a temporary quotation for you. Within two days after you have received this temporary quote from us by email, you will be approached by telephone by one of our employees and invited to a consultation: the intake.

The intake takes place at the Hairworld Istanbul office in Vlaardingen. Here you will be welcomed by a hair transplant expert who will discuss your wishes with you and who will then discuss the options with you based on your individual situation.

The expert assesses your donor area and determines the number of grafts that can be harvested from it. It is important for you to know that the experts from Hairworld Istanbul always go for the maximum achievable result, and have built up so much experience that their assessment of your individual situation is extremely realistic: the estimated number of grafts to be harvested is always achieved as a minimum and the estimated density and degree of coverage are also feasible.

It is also important to know that the hair transplant experts from Hairworld Istanbul focus on harvesting as many so-called multigrafts, or hair roots that contain two to four hairs, as possible. It is these grafts that ultimately ensure the density of the implanted hairs and that is also the reason why Hairworld Istanbul prides itself on the principle that the FUE CT Hair Transplantation technique involves harvesting as many (at least 70%) multigrafts as possible. Our clinic experience is that at other institutions that percentage is around 30. The difference in eventually transplanted hairs quickly runs into the thousands. And those numbers ultimately determine the difference between a full head of hair or a disappointing result.

The final offer

As a follow-up to the intake interview, the hair transplant expert sets up a final quotation. In addition to a price estimate based on the estimated number of grafts to be transplanted, you will receive extensive information about Hairworld Istanbul, our working method, the characteristics of our unique FUE CT Hair Transplantation technique and also a number of documents that contain guidelines you need to take into consideration before and after the procedure.

Once you have given your approval to the quotation, the date for your treatment will be scheduled in consultation with you, and from then on you can already start looking forward to your new full hair. A fantastic prospect!


In the run-up to the treatment, Hairworld Istanbul will guide you carefully and inform you in good time about all important aspects of your trip to Istanbul where the treatment will take place. You will also be reminded once again of the guidelines that you must follow before the operation.

The flight to Istanbul, which you pay yourself, can be booked for you by Hairworld Istanbul, but if you prefer to do this yourself, you are of course free to do so.

All other parts of your trip are arranged and paid for by Hairworld Istanbul: the hotel and the meals you get there during your stay, but also all taxi rides: from the airport to the hotel and vice versa and also the various journeys from the hotel to the hospital and back. Only the costs of the minibar and other extras that you may order at the hotel are for your own expense.

The treatment

The day before the treatment you fly to Istanbul, where you will be picked up from the airport by a Dutch-speaking Hairworld Istanbul employee. He will take you to the taxi that will first take you to the hospital, where some blood will be collected (routine check in accordance with hospital guidelines), and then you will be taken to the hotel, where you will be staying the coming days.

And then the morning of your treatment has finally arrived! While shaving, you take a final look in the mirror and say goodbye to the balding parts of your head. You enjoy a hearty breakfast brought to your room by the Room Service, and then the adventure can begin!

Around 9:00 A.M. a taxi will pick you up at the hotel and bring you to the hospital. There you will be met by the Dutch-speaking Hairworld Istanbul employee who will guide you throughout the entire day. He will explain exactly what the day will look like (he will

continue to do so regularly throughout the rest of the day). After this your scalp is first shaved, and photos are taken of the initial situation of your hair. You will then be guided to the treatment room.

The procedure

In the treatment room you will meet the hair transplant experts that will perform your treatment. Prior to that, they will go through the planned hair transplant in detail again. The donor area is extensively checked and viewed, and the parts of your head to be treated are drawn based on the photos that were previously taken, including the numbers of grafts that will be implanted in each individual section. In addition, it is also considered at this stage how the exact distribution between single, double, triple and quadruple grafts will take place, with the ultimate goal of achieving optimum density and maximum effective visual end result.

Your donor area is then anesthetized, and a careful check is made to see whether the anesthetic is 100% effective. Then the hair transplant experts start harvesting the grafts, a time-consuming job that takes a few hours. Time you can spend with wonderful musings about your hair and all the great hairstyles that you will be able to wear again! During this phase of the treatment, the Dutch-speaking counselor regularly walks into the treatment room to inquire if everything is ok. Nothing is left to chance, you are optimally cared for.

Before you know it, all grafts have been harvested and it is time to have lunch. In the meantime, the hair transplant experts involved in your treatment count and divide the harvested grafts and divide them into single, double, triple and quadruple grafts.

Once you have been informed of what the harvest entails, whereby you can usually assume that the numbers estimated at the intake have been reached as a minimum, it is time for the next phase of the treatment: the implantation of the harvested hair roots.

First the parts of your head to be treated are anesthetized, and only when it has been determined that the anesthetic is working 100%, do the hair transplant experts start drilling the channels into which the grafts will be placed later. In doing so, they follow exactly the plan that was drawn up during the intake and that the morning of the treatment was discussed with you again. This job also takes some time, during which you can alternately view the music clips on the screen above you and close your eyes and dream away, with visions of your new hair.

Then, after a while all grafts are placed and you are ready! First, photos will be made of the end result of the treatment and then your guide will hand you the medication that you will have to take in the coming days and he will briefly review the guidelines that you must follow after the treatment. These guidelines you will also receive by e-mail and via whatsapp, so that you always have direct access to the relevant information.

You will also receive the lotion and shampoo that you can use to wash the treated parts of your head during the first few weeks after the treatment, and you will be given instructions on how exactly you should do the washing.

A taxi will then bring you back to the hotel, where you can rest and relax for a while after this exciting day, in which so many things changed for you.

The day after the treatment

The morning after the treatment you will be picked up again around 09:00 A.M. by the taxi that will take you to the hospital. There you will be awaited by your Dutch-speaking companion who will guide you to the room where the bandage, which has been applied to your donor area after treatment, will be removed. After this your donor area will be disinfected. When that is done, you are ready and the taxi will take you back to the hotel.

After your return to the hotel you will have a few hours to rest, after which the taxi will pick you up again and take you to the airport, and the journey back to the Netherlands can begin.

From now on it will only be a matter of patience: after a year the full result of your treatment will be visible. Then, like all the thousands of men who preceded you, you will again experience the pleasure of a full head of hair every day. What a wonderful prospect!

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