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About our hair transplant.

The FUE CT technique hair transplantation of Hairworld Istanbul is superior to all other methods in the marketplace by customer satisfaction ratings.

This is due to the fact that we have an extraordinary know-how and experience and all of our FUE CT hair transplants are 100% customized.


The strength of the FUE CT hair transplant

Do you want a customized hair transplant and to be ready in one treatment? Then you have come to the right place.

Why hairworld Istanbul?

If you do not want to resign to becoming bald, your resolve to have a hair transplant will be the first important step. But perhaps even more important will be the decision where you are going to have it done. There are numerous providers in the market and they all claim to offer the best solution. Why then, is the choice for Hairworld Istanbul without any doubt the only right one?

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The difference between FUE en FUE CT

Sometimes comparisons are made between our FUE-CT method and other methods that are currently offered in the market, such as the standard FUE method or FUE Saffier. We think it is important that you are informed fairly and transparently.

That is why we would like to explain in this article why the FUE CT method that we have been using for many years now and with which we have treated thousands of clients, including Dutch celebs such as Lange Frans, Najib Amhali, Mr Polska and many others with great success, is the best and most efficient hair transplantation technique currently available in the market.


Hairworld has a strong price-quality ratio compared to other clinics.


Hairworld has over 13 years of experience and  executed more than 10,000 hair transplants.


Hairworld is the only clinic in the world that carries out the innovative FUE CT hair transplantation.

The FUE CT treatment process.

As no less than a life changer, that’s how most men experience their hair transplant at Hairworld Istanbul. Standing in front of the mirror in the morning and then enjoying the sight of a full head of hair and a slick haircut is a wonderful start to the day!

And once you have decided to distance yourself from your balding head and, like many thousands of men before you, have opted for the unique FUE CT hair transplant method from Hairworld Istanbul, for you also that exciting day will come when your treatment will finally take place and you will be able to definitively close your balding period.

In this article we describe how your treatment will then proceed, from the first intake interview and the day on which the actual operation takes place up to and including the moment you are delivered to the airport the day after the operation.

What are the costs of a hair transplant?



The aftercare of Hairworld Istanbul: essential and complete

At Hairworld Istanbul we leave nothing to chance. Not before, not during, and certainly not after the treatment. With us you are assured of complete and professional aftercare.

Wondering what a hair transplant can do for you? 9.8 (Kiyoh) 9.8 Rating